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Le Pyromane

4500 burnt matches - Galerie Imane Farès 2012

'Le pyromane' was made in response to the act of self-immolation as political protest. The artwork,
which was presented at the solo show 'A fleur de peau' in 2012, spells out 'I am not a pyromaniac' using hundreds of matchsticks.

'On december 17, 2011, Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunisian street vendor, doused himself with paint thinner and lit a match.
His desperate act sparked uprisings across the arab world, and inspired a large number of other men to set themselves on fire. Those serial self-immolations provoked me with horror and wonder, I began questioning how could someone reach this extreme political statement?

The installation 'le pyromane' (the arsonist) states what this act is not the result of: an obsessive desire to set fire to things.'

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