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Video Installation

Magnetic Liaisons

Dream Machine Projects - Beirut Art Center 2013

Two tape machines facing each other stand in for a dialogue between two lovers, lifted from Lebanese director Borhan Alaouie's Beyrouth la rencontre (Beirut al Liqaa). Magnetic Liaisons spatialises the protagonists' lovesick conversation by uprooting it from the film soundtrack and staging it, instead, in an apparatus comprised of tape decks and a visual projection highlighting the decks themselves. The conversation becomes a sort of spatial equivalent of a shot/countershot set-up that combines playback, delay and overlapping.


The Dream Machine
Beirut’s First Audio-Visual Festival
The Dream Machine is the first festival in Lebanon that is entirely devoted to audio-visual art. It seeks to explore the quasi-infinite relations between sound and image, hearing and seeing, and beyond. Irtijal and Beirut Art Center organize the festival in partnership with Metropolis Art Association and the European Film Festival.

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