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Un Cerlce autour du Soleil

DV, Color, 15min, Stereo, English DasArts - Amsterdam, 2005 —  Digital Arts Award


“I was disappointed the day they announced the war had ended. I used to be elated by the idea of living in a city that was eating itself, like excess stomach fluid that digests and gradually eats away the stomach.”
In a cyclical structure from dark to light, Un Cercle autour du Soleil is a reflection on growing up in Beirut during the civil war years, and how to adapt to the “post war” life; accepting the body that is in ruin, and learning to live in the city that is always already in ruin.

Modern Art Oxford - Kasa Gallery - Arab Shorts - Lebanon Venice Biennale - Coté Court - Raster gallery - kunsthalle Wien - VideoBrasil - International Museum of Women - Ashkal Alwan. Home Works III - Ticho Film - Dockanema - Instants Vidéo - d/Art/2006 Festival - e-flux - Dictionary of War . Munich


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